Designing Flowers


Designing Flowers Indigenous to Me

Flowers, natures loudest cryptological communicators. For centuries flowers have held symbolic meanings they capture and seduce the unaware viewer by its sophisticated and simplistic forms. Casting an emotional spell, unique only to the Individual they reveal their hidden meanings and set off emotional triggers.

The Physiological effects of flowers can calm the soul and, ignite passion.

Cultures from all over the world for centuries have used floriography, the secret language of flowers, just as unique as one’s cultural traditions and language so too are the symbolic meanings of flowers within the culture itself.


Describe Art Work

My assemblage is a series called “Designing Flowers.” A collage composition of an abstract flower.

All forms of nature are intrinsically woven into everything we see, feel, wear and even eat. These borrowed designs are a part of the buildings we live in and work in, the furniture we use, the clothing we wear, the colors of makeup we use, including foods redesigned into edible visual masterpieces.

Petals within a bud, before it opens, a single petal has its pre-assigned placement called aestivation, only when the bud opens with all its petals does a flower exist. It blooms taking charge of the future of its species. It is this flower that dictates to which insects, bees, birds, bats and even some lizards who it will feed and who will be the pollinators. Flowers speak. They are powerful.

Whether you work as a fashion designer, architect, cook or engineer your work is connected, it is meant to bring beauty and meaning to one’s life.

My flowers are not bound to illustrated predictability. I create them for the viewer to be intrigued, give cause for open dialogue, incubate unexpected perspectives, and a spectacular diversion.


The Process

Elements of my flowers chosen from home décor magazines, architectural magazines, fashion magazines, and catalogs selected images of fashion garments and accessories, make-up, chairs, walls, to chandeliers. Images with excellent form, movement, lighting, moods, and color that provoke intrigue, curiosity or demands my attention.

In a publication I would tear out multiple images, within those I first select the main image, extracting its pure forms to begin the germination of a flower. I feel as though I am a Morphologist, one who studies and examines the physical form and external structure of plants used for visual identification in the scientific discipline of phytomorphology.

I would deconstruct an initial image design, dissecting it by using scissors and xacto knives in various shapes and sizes, in free form cutting away a curve, texture, pattern, capturing the forms which were initially on loan from nature.

The cultivation of the flower beings with the newly designed image, then adding additional images, creating a photo montage in various shapes and sizes, arranging and layering them, paying attention to and making careful selections of pieces with shadows, shades and, brightness to give the flower depth. I make additional precise snips, reshaping pieces taking cues from my studies of horticulture and botany.

Then, a metamorphose happens, a flower emerges. I leave the newly blossomed flower to rest for 24 hours, then go back to it with a fresh perspective. When it speaks of intrigue, wonderment, beauty, and can cause the viewer to become bewildered, compels one to look even closer, even longer, only then do I decide to make it permanent by gluing it onto heavy specialty paper.

The fashion of “Designing Flowers” are indigenous to me!

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